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There are so many law firms on the high street and they all appear to be doing the same thing so why should you consider Burgoyne & Co when choosing your solicitor?

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions which help to explain why we feel that we have the edge:

When I call the office will I actually be able to speak to a solicitor?

Yes! This may seem rare as many will be used to call centres where untrained staff are left to attempt to answer queries. Whilst we can not guarantee that a solicitor will always be available when you call we can assure you that if you wish to speak to a solicitor then one will call you back at the first opportunity. Our legal secretaries are also very competent and can answer most routine enquiries so they will also try to assist you wherever possible.

Do I need to remember a long reference number to identify myself on the telephone?

Definitely not. We operate a much more personal service and all you will need to do is tell us your name and brief details of your matter (i.e. Property Address) and we will put you through to someone that can assist you.

Will I ever get to meet my solicitor?

Absolutely yes. We still value a face to face service and we see great benefits in actually sitting down with a client a talking through the details of their transaction. This gives us the opportunity to further explain things that may not be entirely clear in writing. We also provide a summary of advice in writing however we believe this is no substitute for real face to face advice.

Do you offer any special discounts?

Burgoyne & Co are the solicitors for Walsall Football Club and we are pleased to offer exclusive discounts for Walsall FC Season Ticket Holders. Just show your Saddlers Season Ticket when you instruct us and we will apply a special discount to the fee estimate.

An Estate Agent has recommended your services. Are they just recommending you because you are paying them a commission?

No! If someone recommends our services this must mean that they consider us to be the best firm to do the job. We do not and have never paid 'referral fees' to any person or organisation in return for recommendations. We have built our business around genuine recommendations and satisfied clients spreading our name around. Please read some of the comments we have received from our clients in the 'Testimonials' section.

I have called a number of solicitors for quotes and you are not the cheapest. Why should I pay extra?

First of all it is vital to ensure that each firm has given you a comparable quote. It is possible that some firms may not have calculated all fees and disbursements when giving that final figure. We are always completely up front when it comes to giving fee quotes. We want you to know exactly what your transaction will cost as we understand that you will need to budget for these costs. By including all costs in our original quote it often appears that we are charging more than other firms however we advise you to check the detail of the quote carefully.

We do not claim to be the cheapest however we definitely believe we will be the best value for money. We place a great emphasis on service and we are sure that you will soon be recommending us to your friends and family.

So do you just do Conveyancing?

Burgoyne & Co is well known for its presence in the residential property market however this is only one part of our business. We are a small firm and as such can not practise in every area of the law however you may be surprised by what we can actually do. For example we have a very successful Commercial Property and Business Affairs department which advises many small and large business owners. We also make Wills and deal with the administration of deceased's estates.

Please go to the "Specialist Areas" section of the website to see full details of how we can assist you.

Do you offer a Free Initial Consultation on Business Matters?

Burgoyne & Co is a member of a scheme called "Lawyers for your Business" in association with the Law Society and Business Link.

We offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge for small and medium sized businesses. We offer advice on a range of issues and try to set out the best options for those businesses based on their individual circumstances.

Please call 01922 616916 to arrange your free 30 minute consultation with one of our specialist business advisors.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes. However access is limited and if necessary, we can arrange a home visit. Please let us know if you require disabled access so that we can assist you to the appropriate access point when you arrive at the office.

We are required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to give clarity about our fees, and complaints procedure, a policy which we endorse completely. 

Our Conveyancing fees commence at £500.00 plus VAT.  We charge administration fees for additional services connected with your matter.  For telegraphic transfers of funds, we charge £35.00 plus VAT, for arranging Insurance Indemnity Policies, we charge £20.00 plus VAT and for electronic registration of title (where possible), the charge is £25.00 plus VAT - this does however result in Land Registry fees being halved!

Our fees are related to the sale/purchase price but may sometimes (although rarely) be increased if the matter becomes unduly complicated, and in which case we would contact you to explain why this is necessary and to give you our estimate of any likely increase.   It would be unusual for our highest fee payable for one matter to exceed £750.00 plus VAT.  Therefore the range of fees is between £500.00 and £750.00 plus vat.

Naturally, disbursements such as search fees, land registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax are payable in addition to our fees and administration charges.

Details of our Complaints Procedure are set out in the 'Important Information' leaflet sent to each client at the outset.

Tel: 01922 616916



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